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Shell Game: Growing Oysters Is A "Pile Of Work"

By Bill Spurr
Halifax Chronicle Herald

(Photo Credit: Peter Parsons - Halifax Chronicle Herald)

They fell in love, with each other and with the Yarmouth County lake, and Nolan dreamed of being able to build a house and make a living here. He was a lobster fisherman, and although he hated it, he didn’t tell Kim that.

“You don’t want to tell a girl you don’t like your job,” he thought.

The water of Eel Lake is so clear you can see crabs scurrying along, mussels growing on the bottom and, sometimes a fish called a tautog, along with, of course, a fair number of eels.

But Nolan did find a way to make a living here, to get off the lobster boats although he still works on a herring seiner, and now all those creatures are outnumbered by his oysters.

Four million of them.

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2012 Consumer Choice Product of the Year Award Winner

Ruisseau Oysters was recently named the 2012 Consumer Chocie Product of the Year from Taste of Nova Scotia.

The Taste of Nova Scotia’s Prestige Awards of Excellence began being awarded in 2007. These awards provide annual opportunity for Taste of Nova Scotia members and the public to celebrate and honour the people who produce, develop, export, prepare and serve the best quality local food and culinary experiences in the province. Read the full article here


Nestled in the clean cold waters of Eel Lake in Ste. Anne du Ruisseau, Nova Scotia is a plump, delicious oyster with a taste so intense that after trying one you will wipe the juice from your chin and look for another...

The Ruisseau Oyster
Taste the difference

A Little History...

With fishing in his blood, it had long since been a dream for Nolan to make a living from the waters of the lake he lives on. In 1996, he decided to make that dream a reality and has been "living the dream" for the 21 years. Eel Lake Oysters produces four sizes of oysters: small, medium, large, and jumbo.

In the waters of Eel Lake, more than one million oysters can be found. It takes about three years for an oyster to reach market size. Hard work, determination and a relentless quest for quality has made Eel Lake Oyster Farm a major producer of Atlantic Oysters.